Bayou Chene and Mr. Boudreaux                                                                           © 2006  Louisiana Crawfish-Man

Back in the 1920’s there once was a two hundred-year-old village of 1600 residents called Bayou Chene, located in the middle of Louisiana’s Atchafalaya Swamp.  Today, that village sleeps quietly under years of mud and silt that has blanketed this lost civilization evident with only the church steeple barely poking up from the ground at the time I was a young boy in the 1950’s.  Over my lifetime, many stories about Bayou Chene were handed down to me because this was also the place where my dad was born.

This American Atlantis, you could almost say, was buried alive after the great flood of 1927 forced its inhabitants to move out of the swamp before the Corps of Engineers opened floodgates to relieve pressure on the Mississippi River.  The major uniqueness of Bayou Chene was that there were no roads leading in or out.  It was an island swampland surrounded by bayous, lakes, alligators, snakes and creatures of the night.  Rugged people who we#A™ Back Next